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The greatest work of Jesus was to come and die on our behalf. However, he went further than that. He spent 30 years or so to really experience what it means to be human. 

God’s one and only desire is to have a one-and-one relationship with each and every one of us. This connection will give Him the opportunity to guide you into the path that will make you the best version of yourself, fueled by His traumatic experiences as a human.

You don’t have to endure negative experiences to attain true maturity. He is all you need. The quicker you get to it, the further you can grow beyond our fore-fathers. They worked and recorded all to ensure that we get to where they were faster so that we can progress farther than they did. Jesus said greater works… Do you believe? This progression speaks to EVERY area of our lives.

He loves us and died for us although He knew every bad thing we ever did and will ever do…

Believe and receive His love today!!!

In faith and love for our progression, Sandra M. Carr-Moore


Bomerang Team Spirit


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Over the last few months I’ve spent countless hours contemplating the facts of life. It is so absolutely amazing how “lost” we have become. I am still at a stage where I find myself amongst a set of people, nationally and internationally, who are fully committed to evil, corruption, thiefry and confusion.

I’ve invested countless dollars and hours in educational and intellectual pursuits and at no point have I come upon the actual principles being practiced today. Intellectual property rights are still a distant thought despite years of progress.

People are totally more interested in the almighty dollar than the lives of each other. I fear and literally weep at times for our youth. What a bunch of rubbish, “dead-lef” we are leaving them as a legacy. No instructions manual(s), neither within or without. 

Enormous emphasis is placed on segregation, years after we have already, countlessly established that IT DOES NOT WORK. We are plagued with influences to “dis” everything and everyone. Everyone wants to lead, no one listens… No, not hear, listens!!! Selective listening is the law of the land and some just “boomerang” (i.e. pretend the opposite is being said) it!!! So sad 😥😥😥!!!

It’s fine for games but you cannot play a game for fun with an unwilling participant. NO STILL MEANS NO!!! Rape is not only physical…

NUFF SAID, TOO LITTLE READ!!! ~Sandra Carr-Moore ~
Be an agent of change today and every day.

Sandra Carr-Moore



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So I now find myself in a deep reflective mood over the past few months. So much happening now, cause me to practically re-live many past experiences, hhmmm… The death of my baby boy, my sister and a myriad of painful past experiences. It’s so true and sssooo sad that we quickly and readily remember the pains and sadness than the more delightful joys and gladness.

This is why I theorize that we should truly focus all our energies on building and retaining new, joyous experiences daily. Taking the time to deliberately love on our loved ones 😊😉😜😋😚😏😎😳!!!

Make the choice to be an agent of positive change, today and every day.


Sandra Carr-Moore

RAC Gallery


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Best wishes, Sandra Carr-Moore



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So over the last couple of days I have had serious challenges with receiving responses from my overseas connections, i.e. Godaddy, WordPress, MailChimp, Google, to name a few. I usually receive a code to log into these account, so no code, no log in. See what I mean 😕! 

I would chalk it up to a particular network issue but the problem with that is, I am experiencing the same challenge on both of my networks… hhhmmm!!! I can only resort to taking my frustration to “pen and paper”, so to speak, lol😂!!!

Am I the only one with these challenges, pray tell. Need to know if I should take it personally 😠. 

Anyways… still love yah all. 

No more shall we sit silently by as you “rape” our children…

Best wishes,

Sandra Carr-Moore